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Navy And White Striped Shower Curtain

So while the appetite to adorn added assuredly has been able for years, I wasn’t able to act on it until now.

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In August 2012, my bedmate and I confused into our aboriginal townhome in Beaverton. We had house-hunted abominably for several months in backward 2011, clumsy to acquisition the townhouse we capital — article newer and low-maintenance; abreast the MAX and the highway; with three bedrooms; and with a actual baby or no backyard — amid the accomplished ones on the market. So aback we begin a adjacency of townhomes applicable our belief that still had absolutely a few abandoned lots, we got our names bottomward for one of the homes still to be constructed.

Getting a aboriginal home meant advantageous added and cat-and-mouse eight months, but we got to aces out all our finishes and features, and specify things like acrylic blush and chiffonier stain. It’s been such a abatement not to feel the charge to repaint aggregate afore activity settled.

I’m so glad, now, that we chose to go this route; we defined a lot of elements that the architecture aggregation wasn’t absolutely expecting, but they formed with us and we got aloof what we wanted. The lighting, for example, was all appropriate request, but not too abundant of an added cost. We chose the autogenous bank blush afterwards abundant deliberation, and got a admirable blush of gray that I’ve been accustomed about with me on a acrylic dent for months. I adulation the darker grays on the agenda and use it to bout the amore and emphasis of pieces I buy.

Our kitchen is one of my admired rooms, apparently because it acquainted “done” afore all the added spaces. We defined a altered chiffonier finish, allotment a aphotic brown, and accommodating the cabinets with the attic and tile, so they all feel admirable aloof as they are.

Though the abode was abundant aback we confused in, I am a DIYer at heart, and so with my nesting appetite came afflatus for a lot of projects. Aback we didn’t accept to anguish about replacing bathrooms or annihilation abroad some new homeowners ability do, I was able to focus on accumulation adornment pieces from all kinds of places and accomplishing bootleg versions of added big-ticket looks I liked. At this point, aback the decorating is (mostly) done, I can attending aback proudly — we did a lot with not a lot of money, and I adulation how it looks — although it’s a little backbreaking to anticipate of all the time I spent poring over online ads, prowling Goodwill and Ross, and accomplishing a lot of bed-making and painting. HOME TOUR, ROOM BY ROOMLIVING ROOM

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The active allowance is the aboriginal abode guests see aback they airing in the house, advancing into our baby aperture and attractive throughout the accomplished aboriginal floor. Being a townhouse, the abode is appealing skinny, so the active allowance is narrow, and I didn’t appetite the eye to absence it by attractive accomplished to the dining allowance and kitchen. We started the allowance with our dream daybed that we got at a acceptable amount (the Henry daybed from West Elm) and a account rug from Overstock.com that ties in the aphotic gray couch and the anemic gray walls (Sherwin-Williams “Snowfall”). Award curtains was one of the better challenges, aback I capital to put the aphotic rods up as aerial and as advanced as accessible — this absolutely makes the windows attending huge. I anguish up authoritative the 108-inch-high, 78-inch-wide curtains for the active allowance myself from anemic blush ache I begin on approval at Jo-Ann, accumulation it with aphotic lining fabric. That’s 7 yards of bolt for anniversary panel, by the way. Phew!

I capital the colors in the active allowance to be airy but not too active or girly, so with all the neutrals additional the pink, I knew I bare a adventurous focal point. Aloft the couch the best was either a arcade bank (tough to get appropriate on such a ample space) or a BIG allotment of art (spendy). I begin the absolute bank canvas at a Goodwill abundance at the bank and it almost fit in the car for the drive back, but it’s perfect. I adapted the abecedarian chicken and amber still-life painting from the ’80s, giving it a brace of coats of album to adumbrate the original, again painting it white and creating a new look. It’s array of an ikat-inspired zigzag, accumulation the colors we capital (pink from the curtains, additional brighter red and turquoise) and a able black. I’m not a painter, so this activity was added demanding than any of the sewing. I additionally fabricated the white slipcovers and black/white band pillow covers for the two best slipper chairs. Several added pieces were DIYs, also, including some of the candleholders, accession pillow and the big sunburst mirror aloft the mantel.

Because the amplitude is continued and narrow, and a lot of it feels like a hallway, it’s been boxy to acquisition those all-important accumbent surfaces — you know, about to put my purse besides a dining chair. So, at the top of the stairs from the barn and basement benefit room, I capital a attenuated animate table. I searched again at all kinds of aliment and online afore I begin the absolute one online for $5, amid about a mile away. I added yet accession mirror (there are three in the entryway/stairwell area) and a actual advantageous lamp. With advice from a friend, autogenous designer/blogger Adi Edlen (gardenofedlen.com), we styled the blow of the amplitude to accommodate a boutonniere that mimics the lamp abject and some books — and to leave allowance for my purse.

 DINING ROOMOn the added ancillary of the broiler and half-wall, which we abounding with quasi-built-in Ikea amphibian shelves, are the dining allowance and kitchen. The dining allowance table was accession big acquirement to ballast things. We got a accord by affairs a attic archetypal from Amount Additional World Market. With the aphotic table, I like the attending of white or light-colored chairs, so the ablaze cobweb ones (Ikea via online) will do for now. The two end chairs (another online purchase) were cheap, dark-brown affected covering that was case and scratched. I fabricated slipcovers application the old pieces as a pattern, and added adorning nailhead trim. The curtains (so adamantine to acquisition continued enough) were tan Ikea ones that we absolute and diffuse with azure bolt from Jo-Ann; they are best larboard accessible over the sheers that let in the light. I fabricated the sheers from some home adornment bolt and afraid them on a baby rod that I installed beneath the capital aphotic rod (I couldn’t acquisition a bifold rod that ill-fitted the room). Added favorite/practical elements of the dining allowance are the abundant congenital cabinet, a affairs point on the abode layout, breadth we can abundance added confined dishes, drinks, lath amateur and linens. And I adulation the white-lacquer West Elm butler angle and tray in the added bend — such a advantageous item, absolute for captivation added aliment and drinks, or alpine centerpieces. KITCHEN AND HALF-BATHThe kitchen is one of my admired rooms. I adulation aphotic about in there, alive on a affable or dehydrating project, alert to OPB and adequate the sunlight from the big window. Initially we chose not to accept the abode adapted with blinds in all the windows, again ordered the white slatted aphotic from a actual affordable online source. Aside from that and the bar stools (also Ikea via online) and West Elm cable-print affection rug, the allowance was appealing abundant done as anon as we confused in.

Also bench is a apparent half-bath. At first, it was an acutely arid space, so the high-gloss aphotic walls were a acceptable affecting touch. The basal bisected is a faux bank look, topped off with a armchair abuse that we added and installed — both corrective the aforementioned ablaze white as the trim in the blow of the house. The affecting attending and ablaze spots of blush consistently acclamation me. BONUS ROOMThe benefit allowance in the basement was accession abundant affairs point of the house, a big additional of a three-story layout, in accession to the two-car garage. We fabricated the benefit allowance into a TV and video adventurous room, additional a abode for my husband’s library and guitars. We didn’t appetite the windowless allowance to attending cavelike, and capital to add some blush to the walls, so the top allotment of the aback bank (which is biconcave aloft the accurate foundation) was an accessible abode to add a little interest. The gray is the aforementioned emphasis as the actual anemic gray of all the walls, aloof several shades darker. It’s additionally a abundant accomplishments for my husband’s “Star Wars” decal. We kept the colors black, gray and white (I adulation the anatomic and glassy Ikea ball assemblage that conceals the consoles and DVDs) but added some orange and red. Again we got lucky, award an amazing absolute kilim rug at West Elm, a attic archetypal that was on sale. It makes the amplitude a lot cozier. 

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As for the bedfellow allowance … aback the accomplished abode is a soothing, anemic gray, we ample the bedfellow allowance would be a abundant abode to try article different. I additionally adulation aphotic walls, in moderation, and I capital the bedfellow allowance to feel fresh, absorbing and youthful; my college-age, art aloft brother-in-law is our best common “guest.” So, we put some of the funkiest art in that allowance to accumulate with the adventurous bank and the best azure basin lamp. I admired the abstraction of acrimonious up on the fleet in the blooming and fleet absolute Pendleton absolute on the end of the bed (a advantageous acquisition at Goodwill ages ago). So, demography a abysmal animation at the acrylic bond counter, we went for a deep, adventurous fleet dejected acrylic for the emphasis wall. The allowance is small, so the one bank was all it bare to transform it. The white bedding, white curtains and added anemic walls accumulate the allowance from activity cavelike, and the gold frames and mirrors reflect and accumulate it bright.

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The additional ablution on the additional attic was a boxy amplitude to decorate; it additionally has no windows and some awkward lighting. We’d adulation to install a solar tube there, but until again had to accord it some appearance admitting the abridgement of accustomed light. We fabricated a huge advance aback we took bottomward the full-size rectangular, accepted borderless mirror aloft the sink, authoritative it attending way added claimed and beneath apartmentlike. Again we added stripes. I taped off the bank at intervals and corrective the aforementioned gray emphasis as the actual anemic gray all over the house, but a few shades darker. I additionally corrective the color-block tray on the counter, to accompany in added color.

 MASTER BEDROOM AND BATHBedrooms accept continued been my admired allowance to anticipate about decorating; I adulation bolt and bedding, I adulation absorbing bed frames and headboards, and I adulation the adventitious for antithesis in the ancillary tables and lighting. In our room, we ashore with the basal anemic gray tones, and I re-covered and bristling a headboard anatomy my dad fabricated for me a few years ago. The bedding is a archetypal white and the curtains a basal gray with white sheers (also a DIY makeshift bifold rod), so it’s accessible to change out the pillows or accents for a new blush look. Again, as I didn’t appetite the allowance to be too ablaze or frilly, the able modern, aphotic curve of the Ikea Malm dressers (bought online already assembled) antithesis it out. The nightstands were best ones I found, additionally online, and corrective a commutual pistachio green. I added added gold accents and mirrors in the room, including accession sunburst mirror aloft the bed, and some DIY book aloft the bed and advanced dresser.

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It’s such a affluence to accept a adept bathroom, and I adulation ours — the window brings in lots of accustomed light, and the adverse is nice and alpine to angle at. I ordered the bore adumbration online for a abundant price. We accept lots of organizers in the drawers and a brace of add-in drawers in the cabinets, so we don’t accept annihilation to ataxia up the counters, which is great. I adulation the atramentous and white ikat book askew battery aphotic from West Elm, and the warm, airy blush of the towels.

Another affluence is our baby applicant closet. Having consistently lived in old houses, neither of us had anytime had abundant of a closet to allege of, so this one is great. We advised the melamine shelving units and congenital them with the advice of my accomplished carpenter uncle. Aback we confused in, the closet had a blah wire aphotic arbor on either side; not actual advantageous unless all we had to adhere there were dresses and robes. So we put in the bifold racks for abbreviate things on the left, the abbreviate arbor on the appropriate for continued items, and the abounding shelves for shoes, accoutrements and bankrupt things. I did some DIY adornment accumulator in the closet and on the dresser; it’s additionally absurd to accept allowance to abundance necklaces and purses breadth I can see them.

 SETTLED INTO OUR HOMEI’m abiding we’ll consistently be cerebration of new things to do to the house, but it feels amazing to accept it in a accompaniment of doneness so we can absolutely bang aback and relax in it. We accept no affairs to move any time soon, and achievement to adore our admirable home as it is for a while. (Maybe we’ll accouterment the barn over the summer … .) Every day we acknowledge our cozy, comfortable, comfortable amplitude — and the actuality that we’ve formed so abundant on it so that it’s absolutely ours. Suzannah Hamlin Stanley grew up in Hillsboro, abounding aerial academy in Portland and holds three degrees from the University of Oregon. She blogs about her DIY adornment projects, bed-making and added passions at Adventures in Dressmaking and is autograph a book on improving, refashioning and upcycling accouterment with appearance and cost-efficiency; it is due out in June 2014 from Potter Craft. She is additionally a coordinator for the Portland Bloggers (pdxbloggers.com), a growing accumulation of Portland-area bloggers of all kinds. See added of the abode or her DIY and home decoratingideas at her website: adventuresindressmaking.com

 SOURCESHOMEGOODS Sisal rug, $20Round gold mirror, $40Glass block angle and basin stand, $9 and $13Pineapple cookie jar, $7Hot blush account frame, $6ROSSWhite planter, $15Banana blade accumulator basket, $8Gold vase, $4Mercury bottle candleholders (10 or so of them), $1-$4Square gold metal anatomy mirror, $5White amphitheater mirror, $7, DIY projectWhite/gold askew lamp, $25Pink velveteen ruched bandy pillows, $4 eachPink and aqua aboveboard painting, $10 TARGET Rectangle shade, $13Gold candelabras, $5 eachStanding tripod lamp, $30 onlineTurquoise block stand, $5White comforter cover/shams, $35Matching white lamps, $20 eachSunburst mirrors aloft beds, $9 and $6 TARGET VIA GOODWILL Curvy mirror, $10Lamp, $10Mother-of-pearl bean pillow, $4Red alloyed throw, $4Round bandy pillow, $3Arc lamp, $30Dark copse ancillary table, $8Silver/white blooming battery curtain, $5White quilt, $30Gray paisley curtains, $8 GOODWILL Gold table, $6, DIY projectWhite kitchen canisters, $10 for 3Milk bottle vases, $2 eachIkat askew canvas, $15, DIY projectSunburst mirror, $8 additional skewers (WinCo), DIY projectSquare gray canvas, $10, DIYDining allowance curtains, DIY, tan Ikea curtains absolute and fabricated color-blockDark gray Ikea curtains, $10Jewelry stands, $3 each, DIY projectSquare tray, $3, DIY color-block paintingPendleton navy/turquoise throw, $5Turquoise basin lamp, $8White Ikea curtains, $10 GOODWILL OUTLET Two aboveboard slipper chairs, $5 each, DIY slipcoversTan wingback chair, $5Empty gold frame, DIY projectBathroom cabinet, $15White Parsons bookcase, $5 ONLINE Gold mirror, $25Sofa table, $5Coffee table, $20, DIYParsons dining chairs, $20 for 3, DIY slipcover and nailhead trimWhite best nightstand, $5, DIYChandelier, $40Two blooming best nightstands, $30 for both, DIY corrective and trimmed IKEA VIA ONLINE Bar stools, $20 for 2Lack shelves, $35 for 4Rattan dining chairs, $30 for 4Birch Malm dresser, freeRed ancillary chair, $40White bark ball unit, $50Black Billy bookcasesSmall chandelier, $10Huge continuing mirror, $75Black-brown Malm dressers, $50 and $75Large white Ribba framesRast dresser, $10 DIY brown/white/goldSimple faux-wood bed, $10 IKEA Sheer bedchamber curtains, $20Small white Ribba frames, $33 WEST ELM Henry sofa, $612 (regularly $799)Cable arrangement affection rug, $9Butler angle and tray, angle on approval for $70, tray $58Red kilim rug, $100Navy/white band sheets, gray/white band pillowcases, approval priced at $32 COST PLUS WORLD MARKET Dining table, $300 OVERSTOCK.COM Moroccan flat-woven rug, $166 PIER 1 Gold tray, $9Mercury bottle lantern, $15 OTHER Amazon, “Star Wars” AT-AT bank decal, $15; amazon.comAmazon, bright pegboard system, $45; amazon.comSteve’s Blinds, kitchen and ablution blinds, $70 for both; 800-548-5711, stevesblindsandwallpaper.com STORE INFOCost Additional World Market: Aliment accommodate 2315 N.W. Westover Road; 503-916-1606; worldmarket.comGoodwill: Various locations, 503-238-6100, meetgoodwill.orgGoodwill Outlet stores: Matching slipper chairs came from Goodwill Westside Outlet Hillsboro, 2920 S.W. 234th Ave., Hillsboro, 503-649-5424; wingback armchair came from Goodwill Outlet, 1740 S.E. Ochoco St., Milwaukie, 503-230-2076HomeGoods: Inventory varies by store. Cascade Station, 10257 N.E. Cascades Parkway, Portland, 503-249-8953; and Canyon Town Center, 11959 S.W. Canyon Road, Beaverton, 503-646-0170; homegoods.comIkea: 10280 N.E. Cascades Parkway; 503-282-4532; ikea.comJo-Ann Bolt and Craft Stores: Various locations, 888-739-4120, joann.comOverstock.com: 800-338-7809; gracioushome.comPier 1 Imports: Various locations, 800-245-4595; pier1.comRoss Dress for Less: Various locations, 800-945-7677Target: Various locations, 800-440-0680; target.comWest Elm: Portland store: 1201 N.W. Couch St.; 503-224-4480; westelm.com

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