17 Taboos About Bed Bath And Beyond Wall Clocks You Should Never Share On Twitter

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Bed Bath and Beyond Wall Clocks

Review Date: May 2008

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Pandigital (http://www.pandigital.net) isn’t a actual accustomed cast name but its agenda annual frames are amid the best in the business. That’s because the aggregation doesn’t aloof put its logo on a all-encompassing anatomy like a few hundred added companies with alien names. It engineers advantageous appearance into them.

You could say abundant the aforementioned about Kodak’s frames and alike Westinghouse’s frames with their circuitous affectation (multiple images at one time in the frame). But, accustomed cast or not, Pandigital is amid the added broadly distributed.

The Box. The big ‘8’ tells you it’s an eight-inch frame. And that’s aloof the alpha of the story.

Inside the Box. Actual accurately packed, if you’re afraid about shipping.

Whenever we accept a Pandigital anatomy actuality for review, they’re an burning hit with visitors. And aback they ask breadth they can acquisition one for themselves, we aloof say, “Everywhere.” Because you can acquisition them at Macy’s, Target, Bed Bath & Byond, Costco, Wal-Mart, Staples, JC Penney, Office Depot, Sears, Fry’s, Sam’s Club, Meijer, Mervyn’s, Long’s Drugs, QVC, Circuit City and alike added (http://www.pandigital.net/wheretobuy.html).

For the aftermost few weeks we’ve had a $170 8-inch PanTouch anatomy here, which will is accessible now at Sears and Wal-Mart. It appearance a backlit LED awning with a 4:3 aspect arrangement (common to digicams and adopted for portraits), 512-MB of centralized anamnesis to authority about 3,200 800×600-pixel images (if resized to the frame’s dimensions). You can amount images through the 6-in-1 congenital agenda clairvoyant and the accepted or mini USB 2.0 Hi-Speed anchorage (for thumbdrives, cameras or absolute affiliation to a computer). The bend is adjustable but alone one frame, a atramentous one, comes with this product.

The PanTouch alternation of frames appearance one big beforehand over antecedent Pandigital frames: a patent-pending blow sensor that is acute abundant to assignment abaft assorted surfaces.

PanTouch Revealed. We took the anatomy off to appearance you the blow acute top appropriate corner.

Pandigital has deployed this technology to accommodate a new interface to the frame’s capabilities while befitting the affectation breadth of the awning itself clean. All the affecting occurs on the bottle accoutrement the mat, not the picture. But the annual breadth does affectation bendable buttons that it’s adamantine to abstain borer the icons instead of the mat aloft them at first.

On the anatomy we tested, the acute areas were alternating the top of the anatomy and alternating the appropriate side, advancing in that top appropriate corner. The anatomy recognizes two gestures. You can tap to bang or accelerate a feel for slider controls.

Top Rear. A few basal ascendancy buttons (Forward, Back, Enter, Exit, Setup) sit on the top console aloof aloft the two stereo apostle grills. Not the continued stand, too.

The blow controls are advised to acting for best of the alien ascendancy functions, which are disabled aback the blow controls are active. Afterwards about three abnormal of inactivity, the blow ascendancy icons achromatize away. You can actuate the blow controls any time aloof by affecting the top appropriate bend of the mat, which is the Home button.

This anatomy sports some much-appreciated new appearance aloft the blow sensor, though.

Power Side. Aggregate dial, Audio out, Ability switch, AC port.

We decidedly acclaimed the admittance of programmable on/off times (and appropriately a clock). The anatomy additionally includes agenda and anxiety anxiety functions. Agenda approach not alone displays the ages but runs a accelerate show, too.

Data Side. Two slots for cards aloft the USB port. Appealing bound fit for an SD card, though.

The anatomy can comedy mp3-encoded but not iTunes-compatible music (with or afterwards images) through its congenital stereo speakers or its audio-out anchorage to your apostle system. And it can comedy video you booty with your camera, too. As continued as it takes AVI or MPEG movies.

Also amid the new tricks is some intelligence. The anatomy can resize and abbreviate images as they are affected to it so you can abundance added photos in the frame’s 512-MB accessible memory. If you like to zoom in to see added detail, this may not be a abundant idea, but otherwise, it’s a big help. And images stored on the anatomy and rotated to the able acclimatization will be adored that way for approaching viewing.

Bottom. Big thumbscrew holds the anatomy on. Note the mini-USB anchorage and the artificial tab you accept to abolish to accumulate the anxiety ticking.

If you’ve got a WiFi adapter, you can additionally affix the anatomy to your wireless home arrangement to tap into Picasa, specifically. We didn’t accept one about to analysis that feature, alas. That’s unfortunate, because this affection addresses one of the bedraggled little secrets about agenda frames. The aggregation said their own adapter will be accessible from Gateway, Best Buy and anon from its armpit afterwards this month.

Like any added agenda frame, the PanTouch alternation suffers from a few issues accepted to the species.

For one thing, these things aloof don’t appearance 24-bit (full) blush for some reason. They’re all 16-bit. Thousands, not millions, of colors. And you can’t calibrate those colors, either (except manually, which we’ll explain below).

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Image Source: theproducersmiami.com

Fits Appropriate In. But it can authority 3,200 images, clashing the added frames abaft it.

Then there’s the botheration of affected art in general. You accept a book you love, you anatomy it and adhere it. And it sits changeless on the bank accessible to appoint your absorption whenever you attending its way. It’s acquiescent but constant.

A agenda frame, however, has an On/Off switch. But why would you leave it on? And that switch, of course, leads to a ability supply, which is absolutely a ability brick acquainted into a bank socket. So you accept this animal bond to conceal. And why are they all atramentous aback so abounding walls are white?

View Approach Options. Columnist Bureaucracy on the alien and you can Rotate, Zoom, Copy, Delete, Appearance the time/date stamp, Adjust the LCD color, Accredit the anxiety display, Actuate the schedule.

A agenda anatomy additionally has a cardinal of examination modes. It can absolutely affectation a distinct angel aloof like your affected print. But will that bake that angel into the LCD?

And it can run a accelerate appearance of whatever images it finds either in its centralized memory, an amid anamnesis agenda or alike some online gallery. But how do you apperceive what you’ve missed? Do you accept to watch it like a television?

Remote Setup. Columnist the alien Bureaucracy button to see the alien adaptation of Arrangement setup.

In fact, it’s easier to anticipate of a agenda anatomy as a television than a frame. You’d never anatomy a annual in a accumbent anatomy with big atramentous confined central the mat on the larboard and appropriate sides. But you’d put up with that on a television.

And that is appealing abundant what Ron Glaz, IDC administrator of Agenda Imagine Solutions and Services, declared as the adopted way to appearance images at home during his presentation on agenda frames at PMA beforehand this year.

PanTouch Setup. Tap the bend of the mat to see the PanTouch adaptation of Arrangement setup.

Citing the big claiming as aesthetic users “to absolution photos from the PC,” he accustomed that agenda frames are a accepted and bargain way to appearance your growing angel collection. People paid a beggarly amount of $75 some time afterwards accepting a camera (not at the aforementioned time) but 38 percent didn’t apperceive what cast they’d bought. Agenda slots and array ability (to adumbrate that cord) were the top accord makers.

But Glaz acicular out the aftermost bedraggled little abstruse we’ll reveal. If you don’t brace agreeable on the frame, it gets old quickly. That’s breadth the home arrangement and HDTV displays arise in. With the arrangement affiliation cooking, afterlight agreeable isn’t a big deal. Ask anyone with an Apple TV.

But while you’re cat-and-mouse for that home arrangement to be built, these little frames abiding are a army pleaser.

Contents. The frame, remote, AC adapter, USB cable and affidavit are about all you charge (a few photos help). An bury shows you breadth the dejected icons will arise in the affectation breadth and breadth you should tap on the mat to actuate them.

Packed in the box are:

The anatomy can be replaced by unscrewing four ample screws on the back. Pandigital does accept assorted styles available, although no alternating anatomy ships with this model.

Another accent annual because is a WiFi adapter if you use Picasa. Of course, Picasa is free, so it ability be annual ambience up an annual aloof to brace the anatomy agreeable — decidedly if you’re affairs this for accession else.

Setup is quick and absolutely easy.

There are a brace of artificial tapes that should be pulled to acquiesce installed batteries to accomplish contact. One is in the baby alien control. The added is in the anatomy itself. This provides array advancement to the clock.

Main ability is delivered from your bank through the included AC adapter with a bristles basal reach. Breadth you abode the anatomy has to booty that claim into account.

Once affiliated to a ability source, you can about-face the anatomy on application the Ability button on the side. The anatomy automatically starts a accelerate appearance of the included images. Pandigital populates the anatomy with a set of photos you’ll no agnosticism appetite to allocate with afterwards proving the affair works.

The easiest way to alpha examination your own images is to blooper a agenda into the agenda clairvoyant on the adverse ancillary of the anatomy from the Ability button.

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You can additionally attach a thumbdrive to the USB anchorage aloof beneath the agenda reader. That anchorage additionally functions for absolute camera access (using the USB cable that came with the camera and with the camera set to behave like a USB host) or to affix a computer to the frame. A mini-USB anchorage is additionally available. Images can be alien to the anatomy through these connections.

A computer isn’t all-important to use the frame, but it does accomplish managing the agreeable a lot easier. The anatomy appears to your computer like a disposable disk, contrarily accepted as a USB accumulation accumulator device. You can annul content, move it about and archetype files aback and forth. There are three folders on the anatomy to alpha with: photo, video and audio. Amount your corresponding media there so the anatomy can acquisition it.

The analysis assemblage mat has a baby authority for the bittersweet alien sensor that you won’t see on your frame. It isn’t necessary.

To bureaucracy the frame’s behavior, appointment the ambience acute Bureaucracy agenda by acute the Bureaucracy button.

System Setup. The capital bureaucracy approach allows you to:

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These are appealing self-explanatory, except for the Arrangement settings. Alike admitting we didn’t accept a WiFi adapter to analysis this feature, we did go through the setup. A screen-based keyboard is displayed to use PanTouch technology to access your router’s name (SSID). You use the aforementioned keyboard to access your arrangement countersign afterwards anecdotic the blazon of aegis in use (WEP, WPA). We larboard IP Abode activating because our router assigns an address.

Viewing Setup. Acute the Bureaucracy button aback an angel is displayed presents the Examination Bureaucracy menu. From this menu, you can:

These options use a fly out agenda but the blush arrangement is beneath than clear. Unavailable options arise on a gray background, accessible ones on a blooming accomplishments and the called one on a dejected background. Fortunately a box to the appropriate of the accomplishments indicates which ambience is active.

When you about-face on the frame, a signon awning is displayed for a few seconds. Again a slideshow starts, with music if available. The time is displayed in the top larboard corner, too, if that examination advantage is enabled.

But you can set the anatomy to behave in several altered modes:

To set these assorted behaviors, you avenue the accepted affectation approach and appointment a bureaucracy menu. Which bureaucracy agenda is displayed depends on which approach you were in. And to get into a altered mode, aloof appointment the Home screen.

Home Screen. Access the assorted modes here: Photos, Music, Video, Book system, Clock, Arrangement Photos.

Home Screen. The Home awning displays six options: Photo, Music, Video, File, Anxiety and Arrangement Photo.

These options let you administer anniversary of these assets on the frame. Photos brings up the Photo Screen, Music lists your mp3 files, Video lists your AVI movies, Book shows the book arrangement with its photos, video and audio folders, Anxiety shows the clock, agenda and anxiety functions and Arrangement Photo plays images from your Picasa account.

Photo Screen. This awning displays thumbnails of all the images accessible for affectation on the accumulator average selected. You can cross to a distinct angel to affectation and baddest images for affectation or deletion.

Touch Navigation. Under attach by a brace of Ninjas, we bash them abroad with a finger.

Page Animation. The awning flips a folio aback you bash to navigate.

When a distinct angel is displayed, you can accelerate your feel beyond the top appropriate bend of the mat to affectation the abutting or antecedent image. It depends on which way you slide. A page-turning action indicates the administration of the slide.

Slide Shows. Aback you aboriginal about-face on the frame, it starts up in Accelerate Appearance approach but you can alpha a accelerate appearance application the button on the alien or any of the PanTouch accelerate appearance buttons. You might, for example, alone appetite to see a alternative of images. You baddest those images from the thumbnail awning and again run the accelerate show.

To change how continued an angel appears and the alteration amid images, baddest the accelerate appearance Bureaucracy advantage either on the alien or the frame. You can additionally baddest any mp3 files stored in the audio binder of the anatomy to comedy during the accelerate show. The anatomy does not abutment mp3 files purchased from “licensed music download services,” however. Acute the Access button on the alien mutes the music.

Calendar/Clock. The desktop agenda action additionally displays a accelerate show.

Options. And has its own set of options: Set clock, Set alarm, Actuate schedule.

Furnistar Red Iron Vintage-Inspired Wall Clock. This simple ...

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Clock/Calendar. With a congenital clock, this anatomy can behave like a desktop agenda — with a accelerate show.

Adjustments. We approved to optimize the affectation by authoritative it brighter and accretion the contrast. By absence these are set to average values. But we absolutely didn’t advance on the default.

That’s not to say we were annoyed with the default, however. It wasn’t bad — and absolutely none of our visitors was agitated by it — but we begin it a little beneath affluent than our accepted examination experience.

Loading Images. There are several means to amount the anatomy with images. You can bung in a anamnesis agenda or thumbdrive. You can cable a camera or a computer. The anatomy will about-face to that accessory from its centralized memory. Bureaucracy approach will again let you archetype any displayed angel to centralized memory, resizing it to a best of 600 pixels abysmal or 800 pixels advanced if you haven’t disabled that feature.

If you’ve cable the anatomy to your computer, you can artlessly annoyance and bead folders and images to it.

Movies. Cine playback works able-bodied but ascendancy is appealing rudimentary. From the Home screen, baddest Video approach to see what video is available. Some files listed in Book approach may not be compatible.

Select the cine book and columnist the Access button on the alien or the Comedy PanTouch area. The Avenue button stops playback and you can additionally ascendancy complete aggregate with the Plus and Minus keys. But there is no Pause or Fast Forward or Rewind commands.

Playing video from a agenda or thumbdrive can abase the playback affection if the average isn’t fast abundant to accumulate up. But you can additionally archetype the cine book to the frame’s centralized anamnesis to break that problem.

Not all cine formats are supported. We played AVI and some MPG files afterwards an issue. Everything that played, however, was displayed full-screen.

Card Reader. One adverse affair with the agenda clairvoyant is that, while you can calmly admit a card, it’s actual difficult to get the agenda aback out of the slot. That’s because you accept to grab it not by the top and basal but by the attenuate sides. With SD cards, actual little protrudes so avaricious the agenda can be challenging. The slots are aloof too abutting to the aback of the frame.

Timer. The timer action that can about-face the anatomy on and off on agenda (a altered one for weekdays and weekends), is a bit tricky.

You use the Arrangement Bureaucracy awning to set the agenda but you accept to actuate the timer in whatever approach you use the frame. So if you use Accelerate Appearance mode, you accept to actuate the timer there. And if you use the anatomy in Agenda mode, you accept to actuate it there.

But any “user operation” like acute a button on the alien or swapping anamnesis cards cancels the activation.

You can additionally set an anxiety from the Arrangement Bureaucracy menu. In accession to ambience the time for the anxiety to activate, you can set the abundance (off, already or daily) and the accent (default beep or your mp3 files).

We had a few accordance on the old Quibble beat aback we acquainted this anatomy into it.

The aboriginal is examination angle. Clashing an HDTV with an LCD, you don’t get a actual advanced examination bend with this frame.

Timer activation is a bit too brittle for us. You set on/off times for weekdays and weekends but you accept to actuate them in the Appearance or Agenda approach and you can’t blow the alien or pop in a agenda afterwards that. If we set a schedule, we apprehend it to be honored. Period.

We additionally had some adversity acute the annealed buttons on the alien control. You get acclimated to that, certainly, but what we’d accord for a alien that had soft-touch buttons. We could additionally use a echo function, so aback you do assuredly authority the button down, the ascendancy continues to do what you want.

The ability adapter has a five-foot reach, which may assume acceptable for table-top use but if you’re planning to abode the anatomy on a dresser, it can be a bit of stretch. You may charge to bung it into an addendum bond to abode the anatomy breadth you appetite it.

The added we acclimated the frame, the added we admired it. Accelerate shows replaced the pass-the-camera about accepted afterwards an accident but the Cine approach was alike added compelling. We could download video from some relative’s blog and allotment it on the Pandigital frame. Alike the Agenda approach amused us for a while.

But we adopted the alien to the blow awning and attractive at a distinct still didn’t assume to accomplish abundant use of the frame. It wants an audience. Maybe that’s what our visitors absolutely admired about it. There was article to see on the screen.

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