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The Hunt: A consecutive killer’s stranglehold on the accomplished None

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COLUMBUS, Ga. – With his beheading date looming, one woman and DNA affirmation casting agnosticism on bedevilled consecutive analgesic Carlton Gary’s guilt, four decades afterwards his conviction. 

And now she may be his alone hope.

As age-old women in an flush adjacency were actuality raped and deadened with their own pantyhose, Renate Solomon had a abhorrence of her own—knowing, who she believed to be, the killer.

But by the mid-1980s, badge nabbed Gary, who they believed deadened those seven women in Columbus, Ga., amid 1977-78.

Solomon, 77, says the abominable beheading murders were affianced on the amiss man. Furthermore, she said, she knows who the absolute “Stocking Strangler” was—and he’s not on sitting afterlife row.

“Carlton Gary is not a barbarous psycho killer—he’s a scapegoat,” she said. “They had to accept somebody. The families capital answers and they couldn’t accord them.”

Solomon and Gary’s belief converged, because of one man, who was not alone her friend, but additionally a well-known, approved landscaper to Columbus’ wealthiest. And he’s the one, she said, is who committed the abhorrent crimes that abashed the southern boondocks for years.

“I apperceive the monster,” she revealed. “I apperceive the killer.”

And it’s apparitional her for the aftermost 40 years.

Situated on the banks of the Chattahoochee River and about 100 afar southwest from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta is Columbus, Ga., the canton bench for Muscogee County. Once a baby town, it’s now advised the additional better burghal in the state.

The once-thriving affection crop town, is home to whitewater rafting and Fort Benning; it additionally hosted the 1996 Olympic softball games.

Tucked central the metropolis, is the Celebrated District, breadth ivy grows up the wrap-around porches on Victorian-style mansions that sit in absolute unison, ancillary by side—nearly all adorned with actual markers and American flags bouncing in a bendable breeze.

Dividing cartage forth the asphalt streets, a awning of alpine Magnolia and Oak copse adumbration the blooming median, breadth neighbors arise to babble on esplanade benches. Gossip seems to breeze as advisedly as diaphoresis decrepit bottomward a bottle of candied algid tea, melting in the hot Georgia sun.

It’s a boondocks that encompassing aggregate that is southern charm.

Until angry absolved in.

On the bend of the celebrated allocation of Columbus is the flush Wynnton neighborhood, breadth in 1977-78, seven age-old women became accessible casualty for a murderer.


>>>MORE | The Hunt Investigation: Atlanta’s hidden consecutive killers 

Solomon confused to the bizarre boondocks in 1964 to alpha a family. At 23, she was an Army wife, from Berlin, Germany.

Three years later, she said, she met the killer—a man she knew socially, and who landscaped her home.

For decades, she would be addled with what she said she knew.

When her friend, Mary Sue Ogletree was asleep in 1980, she said she knew who the culprit was. And that spurred the adolescent housewife and mother to activate befitting abundant notes, recording them assimilate tapes—documenting her suspicions and admiration added killings.

She recorded added than two hours of audio notes, account her darkest fears with a abridged recorder, while, the analgesic was on the loose.

Slowly acceptable captivated with the angle that she knew the killer, Solomon alleged detectives aback in 1980 to acquaint them that she doubtable 42-year-old Lee Bayard.

She audibly accurate the conversations, she said she had, with detectives advancement them to investigate him. But, according to her, no one would listen. And the killings continued.

“After the detectives larboard my abode anniversary time, I capital to accomplish addendum of their names, the dates and the agreeable of the conversations,” she said.

These tapes accept been hidden abroad for 38 years—never seeing the ablaze of day, until now.

Renate Solomon, above, says she knew the real  “Stocking Strangler” and he’s not the man on afterlife row. (Provided)  

“This is Sept. 14… Sunday afternoon,” a tiny, deadened articulation says on a tape, now cutting with age.

“I was restless. I acquainted like I had article central of me that had to appear out,” she says in the recording. “It came out of nowhere… I knew who the actuality who was activity about killing these women.”

Solomon, then-39, says that she was questioned by the badge in 1980.


“I actually can’t define it to the day aback I aboriginal suspecting.”

“I knew the actuality who was activity about killing these women.”

“Lee was the absolute doubtable for our, what the bodies call, the Columbus Strangler,” she addendum in the 1980 recording.

“My intuition, my instincts, my suspicion—I could not alternate any longer. My bedmate didn’t appetite me to… I alleged homicide.”

“Somehow, I knew there would be addition killing,” she predicts on the recording.

“Remember the killings? You’re activity to accept addition one,” the baby woman says she warned police.  

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“If he’s not planning annihilation at the present time. I’d be accommodating to bet that there’d be addition adult asleep by the end of this month.”

“He’s a walking time bomb, I think.”

Police aback to her, she says, that the newest victim was stabbed, not deadened like the others.

“Believe it or not, he said, there has been addition killing,” she says about a buzz alarm she accustomed from police.

And this time, it was her friend, 54-year-old Ogletree. 

“My God, they begin her… They told that she was atrociously stabbed… her throat had been cut.”

“The actuality that there has been addition killing afterwards two years… I was paralyzed,” she says slowly, as the complete of her toes aqueous in her basin dissipates. 

“I accept never in my activity been afraid of anything. My activity was angry into a angelic terror.”


“I apperceive the chat abhorrence now—it gets worse at night,” she says, account that she sat anniversary night paranoid, with her aback up adjoin the headboard, binding a pillow bound to her chest—afraid that he was alert to her.

That abhorrence and the ability of article gnawing central of her, began to absorb her life.  

“I couldn’t go to sleep. My apperception was working. This could be the killer,” she says on the tape. “I’ve been in connected fear. I backpack a gun with me to and from work.”

Between the time she accustomed home anniversary day, she says, and the time her bedmate arrived, she sat central with a gun.


His thoughts are sometimes disjointed, like account bottomward addendum from canicule apart.

“There were no clues, no evidence, no leads whatsoever.”

“Everybody in boondocks was afraid to acquisition out who the accusable affair was,” she remarks.

But, she continues, “everything was kept calm hush, because they didn’t appetite to bandy the boondocks in panic. But, it is abundant worse to appear up and say that there’s addition mad man on the loose.”

“We’re actually adverse addition killing. Maybe then, they’ll booty note, booty notice.”

Renate Solomon, afresh in her 40s, was accompany with one of the annihilation victims, Mary Sue Ogletree, photographed above, amid added ancestors associates in the 1970-80s. (Provided)  

On July 19, 1980, she assures herself, “I fabricated up my mind. I will not accumulate still.”

“I would be accommodating to bet that there’d be addition adult asleep by the end of this month; he’s a walking time bomb, I think.”

She says that the badge won’t accept to her and that they are “hoping the accomplished affair will draft over and it will be forgotten.”

“It will apparently booty addition brace of killings afore they maybe ability appear up with something.”

“We’re actually adverse addition killing,” she says, assured in her abiding suspicions.

“This is what it will actually booty to accomplish the badge to sit up and booty note, booty notice.”

“We’re actually adverse addition killing–maybe they’ll accept me then.”

The recorder abruptly stops.

The Hunt: A consecutive killer’s stranglehold on the accomplished None

Oversized, argent bandage earrings lay amid her atramentous jacket’s collar and her face that has age-old over time with worry. However, 40 years later, Solomon’s hunch, nor her anamnesis has anytime faltered.

As she crosses over the arch from Phenix Burghal into Columbus, she says, her affection races.

“When I’m in this town, I attending over my shoulder,” she admits. “It’s tough. I feel afraid and I anticipate about the victims.”

In November 2017, Solomon, who now lives out of state, took 11Alive Board on a bout of a Columbus that exists now alone in her memory.

“Everything has changed,” she addendum as she drives forth Broadway Street, lined with ablaze 200-year-old homes in the average of the town’s Celebrated Commune downtown.

As she drives the attenuated streets, her ablaze auburn-dyed hair, center tucked central her collar, reflects in the rearview mirror.

Renate Solomon, 77, takes 11Alive board on a bout breadth the “Stocking Strangler’s” abomination bacchanalia took abode in Columbus, Ga. (Brendan Keefe / WXIA)  

Before, she says, “I acquainted safe. That happened in somebody else’s world, not mine.”

But now, “I appetite justice,” she demands, talking angrily with her hands, abysmal with wrinkles.

“I could smell, feel the danger,” she remembers from all those years ago.

But her chain has not faded.

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“It’s my story. It has to be told, because I apperceive the killer,” she says eagerly, her German emphasis peeking through a blubbery southern drawl.

“Because I apperceive the monster, and he was protected.”

Piercing her aperture tightly, she turns the council wheel, aberration the car to the appropriate and credibility to a artery sign.

“That’s on Forest Avenue, and that’s the additional two victims.”

It’s not her admired affair to recall.

“It’s tough. I feel uneasy,” she says, her chestnut eyes abscess alert in size.

As she slows the car and credibility at a beige, two-story house, her argent agreeableness armlet block bottomward her wrist.

“This is academy administrator [Jim] Burns, breadth he was murdered,” she announces, acknowledging too, that Bayard lived two houses down.

That 1992 annihilation case concluded in 2014 with an absolution of the accused killer, Kareem Lane. Bayard was never advised a suspect. 

The woman’s articulation on the GPS guides Solomon to her destination in .2 afar on the right, as she steers the car about a ambagious about-face central the lushly landscaped suburb.

“Beautiful homes here, but they accord me the creeps,” she shudders.

Mary Sue Ogletree (Courtesy of Renate Solomon)  

“This is breadth Mary Sue Ogletree was murdered… With her murder, it accepted what I was suspecting,” she says.

On June 8, 1980, Ogletree had been stabbed abundant times and her throat had been aperture central her Forest Avenue apartment.

Solomon depicts the abomination arena from photos she acquired afterwards the case was closed.

[He] “…cut her throat from ear to ear, disengagement both arteries, and while she was bleeding out, he stabbed her anatomy 33 times,” Solomon describes it like it was yesterday. 

Mary Sue Ogletree was stabbed to afterlife in her accommodation in 1980. (Jessica Noll / WXIA)  

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Michael Finn was approved and bedevilled in Ogletree’s murder.

Finn’s account was that he was on a date, but his date would afterwards abate on that adventure beneath oath.

Fourteen years later, a admirable board accusable him in 1994, followed by a balloon two years later. The board begin him accusable of acerbity annihilation and burglary, and he was bedevilled to life, additional 21 years.

Michael Finn is confined his sentence, however, the Georgia Chastity Project is reviewing his case. (Provided)  

Finn is confined his book at Dooly Accompaniment Prison. All motions filed for a new balloon accept been denied. However, his case is currently beneath analysis by the Georgia Chastity Project. 

Renate Solomon, 77, takes 11Alive board on a bout breadth the “Stocking Strangler’s” abomination bacchanalia took abode in Columbus, Ga. (Brendan Keefe / WXIA)  

After authoritative a activity in Columbus for about 20 years, Solomon fled to Mexico, afterwards she said addition alleged her abode admonishing her in 1981.

“Your canicule are numbered,” she said the addition threatened.  

“He had begin out that I was activity to the victims’ ancestors allurement questions about him. He knew that I begin him out. We had to advertise our dream home and move aback to boondocks for me to feel safe. I larboard my bedmate and Columbus and went into ambuscade in Mexico, but came aback in 1993 and my action has not stopped.”

She larboard afresh in 1999, not abiding until 2010.

And that’s aback she renewed her cause to prove the absolute analgesic was free, and was not the man badge apprehended and a board bedevilled all those years ago.

Renate Solomon, 77, takes 11Alive board on a bout breadth the “Stocking Strangler’s” abomination bacchanalia took abode in Columbus, Ga. (Brendan Keefe / WXIA)  

Solomon has alleged and accounting endless belletrist to officials, judges, attorneys, police—anyone who would accept to her over the years.

One of those she accomplished out to was Adjudicator Bobby Peters, a Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit Superior Cloister adjudicator in 2011. In turn, he bound a letter to Commune Advocate Julia Slater, anachronous May 26, 2011.

“I accustomed a alarm from a adult who requested that I accommodated with her to altercate advice she has on the Carlton Gary case and others,” he wrote.  

As a judge, he responded, he could not accommodated with her, but gave Slater the befalling to altercate said cases with Solomon.

“According to her, Mr. Lee Baird [sic], who afresh died, was complex in the annihilation and added murders and she has kept this advice to herself for years in the abhorrence of Mr. Baird [sic] but now that he has anesthetized abroad the blackmail to her assurance no best exists.”

>>>MORE | The Hunt: Atlanta’s hidden consecutive killers 

With no added than her gut feeling, and sans evidence, badge set their architect on Gary for the rapes and strangulations that took abode amid 1977-78. And in 1986, he was begin accusable of killing three of those victims—and ultimately bedevilled to death.   

Carlton Gary   

Gary was built-in on Sept. 24, 1950 in Columbus—growing up, he would be on the added ancillary of bastille confined abundant times.

As a jailbait he was arrested on added than one break for break-in and theft. Aback he confused to New York to be a musician, he connected his abomination spree, consistent in added bent charges.  

He was confined time in New York in August 1977 aback he able prison—and headed aback to Columbus.

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That’s aback the rapes and strangulations started.

(11Alive archives)  

Known as the “Steakhouse Bandit” for several robberies in South Carolina, Gary was arrested in 1984, and bedevilled to afterlife for three of the murders. No one was anytime bedevilled in the added four stranglings that occurred in the above timeframe.

After Gary’s balloon began, age-old strangulations migrated to Atlanta in 1986. Over the advance of three weeks, four age-old women were sexually assaulted and strangled.

Four age-old women were raped and deadened in Atlanta during Carlton Gary’s annihilation trail, about 100 afar away. (11Alive-WXIA archives)  

Now 67, Gary awaits beheading in Jackson, Ga., afterwards his aftermost address for a new balloon was denied in January.

On Dec. 14, 2017, Gary wrote 11Alive’s Jessica Noll a 12-page letter that counters the affirmation pointing the feel at him.

In the letter, he accent fingerprints that badge produced with no photographs of breadth they were found—shoe prints that don’t fit him—and a chaw mark on a victim that doesn’t bout his teeth. He additionally challenged missing DNA affirmation and eyewitnesses who came forward, agreement him in the adjacency during the murders.

“I was a archetypal on TV…yet cipher articular me. Afresh years later, afterwards arrest, afterwards actuality bashed all over the media, liars popped up and said they saw me in the breadth of one abomination scene.”

But, he claimed no abeyant fingerprints were anytime developed.

Furthermore, he said, “Not one book was photographed ‘in situ’ (being aerial from a accurate spot) to accredit it, as was protocol.”

Gary argued that the aisle were calm sized “8 ½-10/11” and “I am still a admeasurement 13 ½-14.”

“Not one akin me,” he wrote arresting himself.  

According to him, he has attempted to get his easily on the affirmation that bedevilled him, but to no avail.

“I accept consistently requested any and all evidence, exculpatory and inculpatory. I accept consistently approved funds for experts to abetment testing and accordant investigative. The accompaniment against any and all abetment for me,” he wrote in the letter.

“Even afterwards the GA Supreme Cloister ordered DNA testing, Slater and her henchmen against anniversary request. WHY??!! Why would the devils so actual actively affirmation they accept the appropriate man, so adamantly against such requests??”

“The swabs absolute my DNA aback came up ‘missing’ from the sample envelopes.”

>>>READ: Carlton Gary Letter 11Alive’s Jessica Noll | Dec. 14, 2017 

 In December 2009, the Georgia Supreme Cloister apoplectic his execution, aloof three hours afore his baleful injection, afterwards tests showed that DNA begin at the arena of one of the three murders he was bedevilled of was not his.

In 2010, DNA tests afar Gary from actuality the actuality who raped Thurmond, a 69-year-old retired teacher.

“The DNA absolutely, to a accurate certainty, excludes Mr. Gary as her rapist,” Jack Martin, his aegis advocate said in an account with 11Alive at that time.

A abstracted DNA test, did put Gary at the home of addition woman who was raped and asleep in Columbus in 1977, but he was never approved for that murder.

From the 11Alive archives: DNA excludes Carlton Gary from abduction victim  None

Gary was denied a new balloon in September 2017, and afresh in January 2018.

However, Solomon has not accustomed up on her adventure for justice. This week, she bound added belletrist to judges, including one to John Robert, a arch amends on The Supreme Cloister of the United States.

“I am allurement you to amuse apprehend this letter. I affirm to you on the activity of my 3 children, that not one body will anytime apperceive about this. If so, God bang me dead,” she wrote, argumentation Gary’s case. “I am additionally allurement you to apprehend it as a animal being, not a judge.”

Carlton Gary and Renate Solomon (Provided)  

She continued, on account of Gary, calling the accomplished 40 years a “saga.”

“Carlton’s aegis advocate and his aggregation will address this to the US Supreme Court. I adjure that your cloister will admission a break of execution.”

In total, three men, including Gary, accept served time in bastille for the crimes Solomon whole-heartedly attributes to Bayard, including the 1980 annihilation of her friend.

However, an obituary adumbrated that he died about a decade ago, afterward Solomon’s acknowledgment to Columbus.

According to the obituary, he died on Monday, Nov. 1, 2010 at Admirable Oaks Nursing Home in Palm Coast, Fla. He was 73 years old.

But Solomon doesn’t buy it.

In fact, she believes he’s still alive and larboard Georgia to escape her suspicions. 

And so, he charcoal a apparition that continues to accept a stranglehold on her past… and her present.

Echoing her advancing sentiments, Solomon’s timid, but determined, articulation is captured on the recordings she fabricated decades earlier.

“Nobody seems to care. It’s actually frustrating; I’m not gonna let up on it.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: It is cryptic if Bayard was anytime advised a doubtable in any of the above cases. Our address to analysis the case files, through both Columbus Badge Department and the commune attorney’s office, has gone on answered—as has our address to allege to any of the detectives who advised these cases. 11Alive has additionally fabricated a address for any/all badge letters pertaining to Bayard. 

Attempts to acquaintance Bayard’s ancestors associates yielded no after-effects as his parents are both asleep and he did not accept any accepted children.

>>>MORE | The Hunt: Atlanta’s hidden consecutive killers 

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