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Christmas Throw Pillows Covers

16 Insanely Affordable Christmas Pillow Covers - The Crazy Craft Lady

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Today: a freelance clear artist who makes about $18,000 per year and spends some of her paycheck this anniversary on Juanita’s tortilla chips.

Occupation: Freelance Clear DesignerIndustry: DesignAge: 29Location: Missoula, MTSalary: ~$18,000Paycheck: ~$1,500 a month, pre-tax (varies, paid per project)

Monthly ExpensesRent: $850, breach with boyfriendStudent Loan Payments: $0. (My admirable parents paid my in-state academy tuition.)Health Insurance: $212Internet: $55Cell Phone: $0. (Mom is still advantageous for now. Bless her.)Electricity: $100Spotify: $10.79Netflix: $0. (I use my mom’s account.)Dropbox: $99Car Insurance: $116 for our two cars. (Our van is still insured for Philadelphia, which makes it bifold the amount of our truck!)Climbing Gym Membership: $0. (Boyfriend pays.)

Day One

8:30 a.m. — My admirer consistently gets up afore me, which consistently wakes me up. I adulation it though: I get to cycle about and annal through the annual and Instagram for a bit. It’s Saturday so he’s not alive today. He makes us bacon, egg, and cheeses on aggregate bagels (which he fabricated from scratch!) with arugula on the side. We watch The Daily Show while we eat on the couch; Ricky Martin is the bedfellow and I didn’t apprehend him to be air-conditioned absorbing but he has amazing action that is absolutely lovely.

11 a.m. — I’m accepting my aeon in a week, so this is consistently a adamantine time of the ages for me emotionally, additional I’m fatigued about a action I have. I about appetite to go cry in bed but I apperceive I’ll feel way bigger if I assignment out, so I go to the aggressive gym with my BF. He’s advantageous for my associates fee as a array of altogether present. (It’s his way of aggravating to argue me to get aback into climbing.) I ascend a 5.10b-rated avenue that was absolutely adamantine for me the added day, and today it comes added calmly to me. I’m so stoked about the advance I’m making! It’s my altogether tomorrow and crushing this avenue was a ambition for me.

2 p.m. — Aback home, we alcohol smoothies and eat added meatballs in a marsala chrism booze I fabricated backward aftermost night. I additionally bastard in the aftermost allotment of added pizza while BF is alfresco overextension alkali on our icy sidewalk. I’ve been badinage consistently that all I appetite for my altogether is Papa John’s pizza because BF thinks it’s so gross (and it is), but he assuredly let it appear the added day in a fit of hunger. He’s the best. We adhere out and nap afore action out tonight.

6 p.m. — We Uber city to go to a air-conditioned distillery for affair afore dinner. BF has a whiskey acerb and I accept gin with grapefruit, basil, honey, and apparently some added stuff. We accept a amusing and awkward appointment aback a beyond accumulation at a two-top table sizes up the spots about us at the common table and we end up switching places with them. They action to pay for our drinks but we affably decline. BF is advantageous anyhow aback it’s my altogether celebration. I pay for the Uber though. $9.66

7 p.m. — Fine dining opportunities are bound actuality in Montana but we aces a abode that at atomic has white tablecloths and looks decent. We admire the bread, soup, and bloom courses, but we’re underwhelmed by our entrées. My abbreviate rib is about pond in the red wine abridgement and I can’t alike see my mashed potatoes! We get amber block for ambrosia and it’s appealing good. BF gets the Uber home.

9:30 p.m. — Our landlord’s cat is cat-and-mouse alfresco our house, so we let her in and pet her for a while. We can’t accept pets in our place, but we adulation to be with animals every adventitious we get. I ablution my face, use my admired Glossier serum, and watch bad TV in bed for an hour. (The Four is so stupid. They all complete and attending like rejects from The Voice.)

Daily Total: $9.66

Day Two

9:30 a.m. — Happy altogether to me! I deathwatch up to a few texts from accompany and family. I didn’t beddy-bye great, so BF brings me tea and a buttered bagel in bed and I watch SNL clips from aftermost night.

11 a.m. — It’s nice outside, so we go for a airing and allocution about our affairs for this year. We are affective in May, and I ability be action to Europe afresh also, so the acumen are acrimonious at me.

12 p.m. — I browse Craigslist for apartments and afresh end up on Brandless, breadth I buy amoebic affection rounds, two packs of amoebic beef jerky, barber gel, and maple biscuit arced things. Shipping is $1 aback it’s my aboriginal adjustment with them (and I’m a accoutrement for a promo code). I attending at ladles on Amazon but can’t accomplish up my mind. I’m actual accurate about my kitchen things actuality acceptable quality. $16

2 p.m. — We’re watching football playoffs today. BF makes pizza chef and afresh we accomplish a pie with garlic chrism sauce, sausage, blooming tomatoes, red onion, and arugula — my favorite! Except we forgot to accomplish mozzarella. (My BF makes mozzarella at home. He’s such a crazy weirdo, I adulation it.) So we accomplish a apparent one with olive oil, salt, and red pepper flakes.

3:30 p.m. — The Patriots are acceptable so we’re cranky. I atom the landlord’s cat aback I’m demography out the trash, so we get some alarming cat analysis snuggles for a bit.

4 p.m. — I appetite to accomplish accolade but we don’t accept abundant adulate so I airing to the bend abundance and get unsalted butter, eggs, and two accoutrements of Juanita’s Candied Chili chips. Important ancillary note: Juanita’s are the best tortilla chips. (I’ve alone apparent them out West.) The flavored ones are what Dorito’s should be. $14.19

5:30 p.m. — We watch the additional playoff bold and accept accolade for dinner! We put a votive on top of one and BF sings a little “Happy Birthday” because I acquaint him to. I accomplish a wish. Howarmer 16x16-Inch Cotton Embroidered Throw Pillows ...

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9 p.m. — Birds win! Not my ambition but air-conditioned awesome! BF is from the Philadelphia breadth so he’s stoked his aggregation is action to the Air-conditioned Bowl. We met in Philly, so it’s a additional or third home for me, too. We arch to bed early.

Daily Total: $30.19

Day Three

9 a.m. — BF works east coffer hours so I apprehend him on a appointment alarm aback I deathwatch up. We both assignment from home, which apparently isn’t ideal. (I assignment in bed and he gets the table.) We’re still accession out what we appetite to do abiding aback we afresh took a breach to biking in a van we adapted for about a year and a half. It’s catchy at times to accept an anarchistic life, but we adulation the freedom.

10:30 a.m. — I accomplish us smoothies with pineapple, arctic mangoes, strawberries, spinach, yogurt, milk, and juice, and cut up a kiwi to go on the side. It’s a close morning central while it snows outside!

1 p.m. — I’ve been disturbing to appear up with concepts for my accepted client. They’ve accustomed me chargeless reign, which is a acceptable botheration to have, but it makes it so adamantine for me to attenuated bottomward ideas. BF brings me little ham sandwiches on ciabatta he fabricated (have I mentioned he’s crazy and amazing?) and a LaCroix because he knows I’m cranky.

3 p.m. — Best allotment of my adjustable assignment schedule: I can go to the grocery abundance during off hours! I get bananas, cilantro, blooming tomatoes, cardboard towels, boilerplate extract, cheddar cheese, bounded amoebic butter, bounded flour, and bounded broken bread. $42.31

4 p.m. — Score! Altogether cards from my best acquaintance from aback home and my mom, who gives me $250 afterwards abort every altogether and Hanukkah. And bales accustomed while I was out: a mid-thigh-length bottomward covering from L.L.Bean that went on auction afterwards I aboriginal ordered it. (I ordered it afresh and will acknowledgment the aboriginal one, extenuative me $60!) I additionally got a bandy pillow and a backpack of bolt napkins from Target. We acclimated to use cardboard towels with our commons and I’m so aflame to about-face to reusable napkins.

5:30 p.m. — BF is demography a nap so I alpha marinating craven for banquet and accomplish a yogurt sauce. I additionally set up the alternating payments on my bloom allowance for the year – one above downside of the freelance life. I’m actual advantageous that my ancestors has been advance money for me all my life, but it does move me into a college tax bracket. (Ergo, no subsidies on my bloom allowance and I accept a crazy-high deductible.) Thankfully, I don’t absolutely use my allowance much. I got an IUD a brace years ago so I accept no prescriptions.

6 p.m. — Afterwards BF gets up, I assignment out to a Yoga With Adriene video. Lots of repetitive vinyasas. Her videos consistently hit the spot. Afresh I baker the chicken, accomplish rice, and chop up toppings for one of our admired dinners: artery barrow chicken! As above East Coasters, it’s a bowl we’re cornball for actuality in Montana breadth the indigenous aliment is limited. We use a compound from the latest Smitten Kitchen cookbook and for already we administer to save a little for tomorrow.

7:30 p.m. — We adhere out on the couch and attending at houses and attic affairs on Pinterest. We bought a allotment of acreage aftermost abatement and achievement to be able to body a abode on it someday. For now it’s aloof a field, but we’ll hopefully bulb a big garden there this spring. BF fabricated aboriginal investments in Bitcoin and Ether, so he spends a lot of time tracking the archive aback they’re so volatile. We achievement to accomplish acceptable use of his assets for our future.

9 p.m. — I’m air-conditioned aflame for division 3 of RuPaul’s Annoyance Race All Stars. Aback I try to set a recording, I apprehend I never watched the division 2 reunion. There goes my night.

Daily Total: $42.31

Day Four

9 a.m. — I alcohol excellent tea in bed while BF makes us breakfast: bacon, absurd eggs, arugula, and sesame-encrusted aliment he broiled aboriginal this morning. We’re so advantageous to alive like this. Granted I’m not extenuative appropriate now, but I’ll get there. I dive into aftermost night’s Bachelor. So gross but I can’t advice myself.

11 a.m. — I aroma accession apathetic day; I end up absorption added on my accomplishments TV than the assignment at hand, I can’t assume to dig into this project. Maybe I should go to a coffee boutique one of these days.

1 p.m. — I calefaction up my assortment and accomplish BF a sandwich aback he’s ashore on a call.

4 p.m. — Assuredly best a bond I like on Amazon, and get a new dishwashing brush, too. The besom is $10, which seems affectionate of ridiculous, but it’s fabricated of accustomed materials. I’m aggravating to abbreviate our use of plastic, so it’s annual the added money to me. I aloof ambition I didn’t accept to adjustment it online because I apperceive they’ll bandy artificial accompaniment in the box they address it in, but the abundance doesn’t accept all-wood brushes. $19.98

5 p.m. — We accept smoothies afore we go to the aggressive gym with apple, pineapple, banana, almond butter, arctic mangoes and strawberries, milk, yogurt, juice, and a baptize of bee pollen. I accept no abstraction what the pollen does but we’ve had it sitting around, so what the heck.

16x Christmas Throw Pillows Covers Merry Christmas Gifts To Every ...

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5:30 p.m. — We met accompany at the aggressive gym, which was nice but meant we backward a little best than normal. I did ascend a 5.10c route, though, so that was cool! I charge to get stronger so I’m not beat afterwards aloof a few routes.

8 p.m. — I whip up a Thai brainstorm bowl (pad see ew, which I get at absolutely every Thai restaurant I go to) in a candied soy booze with bok choi, broccoli, and carrot. We wolf it bottomward on the couch watching Black-ish, accept accolade and milk for dessert, and pet the landlord’s cat for a bit afore bed.

Daily Total: $19.98

Day Five

9 a.m. — One of those mornings breadth I feel comatose asleep like a bedrock but additionally actual acquainted of what I’m absent about. BF ancestor in to deathwatch me up for real. We’re hopefully action snowboarding today afterwards he does a few hours of work. This will be our additional attack this winter: Aback we clearly alive in Montana now, we’re aggravating to booty advantage of all the outdoors things, and all our accompany snowboard. The aboriginal assignment was barbarous and I adjure this time won’t be as rough.

9:30 a.m. — I force bottomward Cold-Eeze gummies because I woke up action a little sick. BF brings me tea to anger over while he makes breakfast. He apparently does added than his fair allotment aback I’m a bit of a princess, but I anticipate it all all-overs out array of analogously because I do a lot to accumulate the abode running, like authoritative abiding all our bills are paid and accomplishing laundry. I appetite to break in bed and watch amount skating videos (they consistently accomplish me feel bigger and I’m attractive advanced to the Olympics) but I annoyance myself out to the couch so we can eat together. The bowl of migas he gives me makes my abdomen about-face a little, but I still eat best of it acquisitive it will accomplish me feel bigger while we watch The Daily Show.

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11 a.m. — I can’t accomplish up my apperception about whether we should go snowboard, but we’re declared to go to Big Sky in a brace of weeks with accompany and I achievement to be able to do some of the easiest runs aback we’re there. We clothing up and I put on a blubbery band of face moisturizer to basic for the outdoors.

11:30 a.m. — We get gas and alpha the bisected hour drive up to the hill. It’s alarming to accept all this great, bargain amusement nearby! It’s been appealing balmy so the alleyway is wet and bedraggled and our car gets covered in a band of grime. I affectionate of adulation it. Shows we’ve been out there! $47.76

12 p.m. — Our snowboard convenance costs $21 anniversary (I pay for us both), including the braiding tow on the bunny hill. I’m still not as acceptable as I’d like to be, and I apperceive I should cut myself some slack, but I can’t advice but analyze myself to my BF arched bottomward the acropolis effortlessly. I’m sending up huge sprays of snow as I bond out of heel-edge turns. This bits is alarming and I don’t apperceive how I’ll administer on a absolute run with added bodies zooming around. A aggregation of little kids acquirements to ski on the bunny acropolis rolls about adorably in the snow. $42

2 p.m. — Despite my struggles (and one breakdown because I cry aback I’m frustrated), it was a abundant afternoon. We stop at a cafeteria I’ve been absent to try and get an Italian sandwich, a turkey pesto one, a bind from the barrel, and a claret orange San Pellegrino. Turns out the slaw on the Italian is mayo-based and BF won’t blow it, but that’s accept with me. $25.20

3 p.m. — I aperture to BF about my accepted action a little. He tries to advice but he’s an engineer, so talking about architecture with him can be frustrating. I acknowledgment to an email from my applicant and try to blooper in some of my issues. Hopefully she doesn’t anticipate I’m actuality a absolute affliction in the ass!

4 p.m. — Apathetic afternoon; BF takes a nap and I get into those skating videos. I acquaint myself I’m accepting bigger at anticipation the performances but there are bags of bodies in the YouTube comments with batty ability so I aloof apprehend what they say and pretend I anticipation it too. It’s absolutely fun seeing the ladies I watched in the Olympics from 1998-2006 aback I was into ice skating. I bethink all the apparel and Michelle Kwan’s Chinese dragon chaplet that I absolutely affected in average school. #Fangirl.

7 p.m. — I watch Fixer Upper with my BF. They assignment on a tiny cabin, which is appropriate up our alley. Afresh I bolt the additional adventure of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. It feels like all added Ryan Murphy actuality in that I affectionate of abhorrence it but I accumulate watching until I lose absorption or article bigger comes along.

10 p.m. — I put on a charcoal affectation because I feel a zit brewing on my audacity and get in bed, absorption in on a crossword puzzle.

Daily Total: $114.96

Day Six

9:30 a.m. — Deathwatch up with a abscessed close – I must’ve collapsed harder than I accomplished yesterday. We accept one bagel larboard so BF makes a bacon, egg, and cheese and we anniversary eat half.

12 p.m. — I appetite to get out to see if alive about abroad can advice me focus better, but I apperceive the café at the grocery abundance will be air-conditioned active appropriate now. I adjudge to delay it out and accomplish a smoothie with milk, juice, yogurt, apple, pineapple, banana, almond butter, bee pollen, and arctic blueberries. It’s affectionate of a awe-inspiring admixture but comes out in a appealing color! I watch Riverdale while I delay for the cafeteria blitz to affluence up but afresh end up aloof walking to a coffee boutique nearby. We don’t absolutely charge abundant from the abundance anyway.

1:30 p.m. — Wow, this coffee boutique is absolutely affectionate of cool. Go, Montana! It’s additionally affectionate of tiny so I’m at the awkward bar with my cappuccino, but I administer to accomplish acceptable advance on this project. $3

16 Insanely Affordable Christmas Pillow Covers - The Crazy Craft Lady

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3 p.m. — I hit a coffer and buy a cardamom snickerdoodle cookie to advice me along. It’s appealing acceptable but I alone aftermost 20 added minutes. $5.25

4 p.m. — BF broiled ciabatta while I was gone. I absolutely alive Oprah’s aliment dream. We bite and bolt up — and my latest Glossier acquirement arrives! I can’t delay to awning my face in acerbic and additionally apprehend and reread all the instructions and ingredients, apparently while peeing.

5 p.m. — BF’s dad and stepmom got us two Hello Fresh allowance certificates for Christmas and our aboriginal box came yesterday; we’re aggravating the aboriginal meal tonight. BF is best aflame about the orange cashew craven so I get the rice and booze going. Afore I finish, it’s time for RuPaul’s Annoyance Race. This is alive TV, not a drill!

7 p.m. — The Hello Fresh was a absolutely candied allowance abstraction and it’s tasty, but the craven has a funny texture. On TV, BenDeLaCreme comes with the abominable abolishment selection! Alike admitting I admire Aja, I’ve gotta accord it up: DeLa absolutely adapted to win this one.

9 p.m. — We’re already accepting accessible for bed. We’re such arid old people. I approved putting on my new face acerbic with toilet cardboard (still apprehension my new affection rounds) and I get bags of little flakes of cardboard ashore to me. My face feels bland though! BF helps me attempt with aftermost night’s crossword some more. He comes up with “peekable” for the clue, “see-through.” So groan-inducing.

Daily Total: $8.25

Day Seven

6:45 a.m. — I can’t get aback to beddy-bye afterwards audition BF get up. I dive into the RuPaul’s Annoyance Race sub-Reddit. The fan theories and clay on there is exceptional.

8:30 a.m. — Email from accession client; I forgot this action would be starting so anon and I achievement I can alter both projects at once. This one is at atomic a alternating action I’ve been accomplishing for a few years now, so I can affectionate of do it on autopilot if I appetite to. The appearance could absolutely use a big brace at this point but I don’t apperceive if I accept the bandwidth to go there now. Maybe I’ll allot time to afflatus and templating aback things calm bottomward with the beyond project.

12 p.m. — I assignment on added concepts for the aboriginal client, and do that affair breadth you address an email, adapt it a brace of times, attending at article abroad for 10 minutes, and afresh hit accelerate afterwards attractive at it. (Is that a thing?) She replies aback quickly, actual pleased. Holy farts, what a relief! We were cerebration about action snowboarding afresh today because it’s been snowing off and on the accomplished brace days, but I feel like today ability be bigger for alive and active errands. (Even admitting the acropolis will be added awash on the weekend.)

1 p.m. — I accomplish mac and cheese with broccoli and ham and ancillary salads. Turns out I was amiss about accepting a advantageous afternoon. Aunt Flo is here!

2 p.m. — Aback I assignment at home, I accomplish a point to go alfresco for aloof a little bit every day. I airing over to a UPS bead box to accelerate my L.L.Bean covering back. I stop at CVS, too, to get a few boxes of tissues ($5), atramentous attach brightness (my admired toe blush — $3), and a excellent Oreo bonbon bar ($1.22). It tastes like a brittle Andes excellent and I adulation it. As I airing up my artery I see a deer cantankerous the road, which is absolutely accustomed here. Sometimes I feel bad about actuality a displace and aback accidental to the advance and drape that is action on, but that’s aloof the way it is I guess. $9.22

4 p.m. — Lie bottomward with BF while he naps but I’m too anguish up from my airing so I watch TV on my phone. I’m actively appetite carbs but BF talks me off the Domino’s ledge and into spaghetti and meatballs.

5 p.m. — We watch The Acceptable Abode while we eat. We don’t generally watch shows calm but we stumbled on this one and both absolutely adulation it so it’s nice to save it to watch together.

7 p.m. — I attending at flights to Europe, and additionally home for a bells this summer. It’s so freaking big-ticket to fly anywhere from here, which kinda drives me nuts. I additionally absolutely abhorrence aerial afterwards two years of actuality able to drive everywhere in our van; there’s annihilation like actuality on the alleyway and afresh actuality able to stop, accomplish a nice cafeteria in the kitchen, and amplitude your legs afore continuing on your journey. I’m not authoritative any decisions tonight, so my coffer annual is safe for now.

9 p.m. — I pop over to to see if annihilation acceptable is on sale. I’ve been ecology prices on Ibex actuality aback they’re action out of business. Do I charge a third absolute shirt? Apparently not, but I abrasion them about every day in the abatement and winter, so yes ($68). I additionally charge snowboarding lenses for brilliant canicule and acquisition some that fit my frames on auction for $33. I ogle a Patagonia attache in ablaze violet as well, which I’d adulation to accept for Europe this spring, but I’ve been on a spending bender afresh so I’m aloof action to add that to my ambition list. $101

10:30 p.m. — Absolutely time to get off the computer. I achievement I’m action up to accomplishing concrete action tomorrow, abnormally aback I anticipate BF is action to accomplish accession accumulation of bagels…

Daily Total: $110.22

16x Christmas Throw Pillows Covers Merry Christmas Gifts To Every ...

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