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Important Facts That You Should Know About Classic Alarm Clocks

Classic Alarm Clocks – Reading the time of day is not constantly so straightforward for these of us with poor eyesight, visual impairment or blindness. Fortunately a quantity of merchandise such as talking watches are offered to give any person with sight troubles the best solution.

Lovely Classic Alarm Clocks

Lovely Classic Alarm Clocks

Luxury Classic Alarm Clocks

Luxury Classic Alarm Clocks

Awesome Classic Alarm Clocks

Awesome Classic Alarm Clocks

If you like to have all the latest attributes then you won’t be disappointed with the selection of extra’s that are obtainable on the range of talking watches, clocks and alarms. Or if your preference is to preserve factors easy and go for a far more classic style watch or clock you will not be disappointed either.

Below we’ve highlighted some of the crucial characteristics obtainable and you can see our complete range of speaking watches and clocks here

Speaking Watches

As well as getting in a position to actually “inform” the time, talking watches can consist of some other valuable functions too, such as:

Massive digits and LCD show for easier recognition for vision impaired
Talking function announces the time
Voice can announce time and date
Voice announcements at hourly intervals if essential
Medication voice reminders
Automatically switches among summer time and winter time setting
Settings buttons are flush with the watch physique to stay away from accidental activation

Talking watch designs also contain standard analogue time displays, ladies and gents straps, bracelet or leather strap choices, memo recording facilities and talking watches for boys and girls as well.

Speaking Clocks and Speaking Alarm Clocks

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Talking clocks are accessible wall mounted or totally free-standing for bedside use for example. Some of the far more frequent characteristics on speaking clocks consist of:

Large digits with enlarged lcd display
Huge clock face with analogue display and/or digital lcd display
Back lit time show for less difficult recognition
Voice announced time
Alarm setting
Massive button snooze function

Other functions with the Guardian speaking clock incorporate a built in motion activated video recorder.

Vibrating Alarm Clock

For the challenging of hearing the vibrating alarm clock can be placed under a pillow for instance. The user is awoken from the “really feel” of the vibration rather than a noise.

If you would like to know more about any of talking watches, clocks and alarm clocks please talk to a single of our independent living specialists in Ireland on 1890 480 480 or email [email protected]